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Resident Engineering Inspection Services for the Reconstruction of the Gateway Estates Area-Phase D, Borough of Brooklyn



Project Owner




Brooklyn, NY


Main Services

  • Resident Engineering Inspection Services

  • Preparation of Daily Inspection Reports

  • Permits Verification

  • QA/QC of Construction Work 

  • Preparation of Log of Field Issues

This is a Resident Engineering Inspection Services contract of the New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYC DDC), where 300 Engineering is acting as sub-consultant to D&B Engineers and Architect. The project involves the inspection, management, coordination and administration of the Project, from commencement through substantial completion, final acceptance, and project close-out. The project includes sewer, water main, street lighting and traffic work.


300 Engineering is currently providing Inspection Services for the reconstruction work that is being conducted at Nehemiah Creek, responsibilities include:

  • Provide technical inspection, management and administration of the work on the Project until final completion and acceptance of the Work.

  • Take appropriate action to prevent the installation of work, or the furnishing of material or equipment, which has not been properly approved or otherwise fails to conform to the requirements of the construction contract(s).

  • Supervise the performance of all detailed inspection and field-testing of materials and items of work, quality control tests, or any other tests required by the construction contract(s), to ensure that such tests are performed in a satisfactory and timely fashion.

  • Review proposed Progress Schedule, and any updates thereto, submitted by the contractor(s).

  • Monitor compliance with the Progress Schedule by the contractor(s).

  • Review the adequacy of the personnel and equipment of the contractor(s) and the availability of necessary materials and supplies to ensure compliance with the Progress Schedule

  • Review and evaluate the means and methods of construction proposed by the contractor(s).

  • Monitor contractor compliance with (1) Safety Program, (2) Site Safety Plan, (3) DDC Safety Requirements, and (4) all applicable regulations that pertain to construction safety.

  • Keep accurate and detailed written records of the progress of the Project during all stages of planning and construction.

  • Maintain daily detailed time and material records regarding the use of labor, equipment and material for the Project.

  • Maintain a daily job diary or log book describing all activities which occurred on the Project on a daily basis, including without limitation, all work accomplished, the number of workers, identified by trade, employed at the site by the contractor(s), the number of hours worked, material shortages, labor difficulties, weather conditions, visits by officials, decisions reached, specific problems encountered, general and specific observations, and all other pertinent data relative to the performance of the construction contract(s).

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