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GIS Utility Backlog Projects



Project Owner

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department 



Miami-Dade County, FL


Main Services

  • Reduced backlog of As-built plans and AASIS tickets

  • Project Management Reporting

  • GIS Digitization Process Assessment and Optimization

  • GIS Data Maintenance

  • Scheduling

  • Resource Leveling

This project is intended to provide assistance with digitalizing and correcting of as-built records of water and wastewater infrastructure and incorporating them to the WASD GIS. This type of work requires specialized and qualified personnel with the appropriate training and experience to evaluate and interpret information related to water and wastewater as-builts, perform research, and to be able to enter, manipulate, edit, and update WASD’s GIS database. WASD needed assistance with their Water and Wastewater System Countywide to bring their backlog of over 1,800 As-built Plans and over 2,000 Active As-built Supplemental Information System (AASIS) tickets up to date by June 6, 2017 as per the latest Miami-Dade Consent Decree.


300 Engineering is a sub-consultant providing On-site GIS services and assistance to research and correct reported problems in the GIS databases of Countywide Water and Sewer Infrastructure, populating WASD’s integrated enterprise systems such as the Enterprise Asset Management System, DOLFIN, Proliance Project Control and Tracking System, Oracle, Customer Care & Billing, and other WASD’s systems, through the extensive use of ArcGIS.

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