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Water and Wastewater Hydraulic Computer Models



Project Owner

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department 



Miami-Dade County, FL


Main Services

  • Project Management

  • Water and Wastewater Hydraulic Modeling

  • GIS Based Model Development

  • Modeling Software Evaluation/Selection

  • ArcGIS

  • Model Calibration

  • Field Investigation

  • Scheduling

The WASD’s wastewater collection system consists of a complex network, comprised of more than 1,000 pump stations, 2,500 miles of gravity sewer, 750 miles of force main, 3 wastewater treatment plants, and 15 wholesale customers.  The wastewater system model is composed of more than 90,000 pipes and 2,200 pumps.         


The WASD’s water system supplies, treats, and distributes over 300 MGD of potable water through a distribution network of more than 5,000 miles of pipes, 76,000 valves, and 34,000 hydrants. The water system model is composed of more than 237,000 pipes and 161,000 demand nodes making it the largest water model in North America.


This project consisted of engineering services for the development and calibration of the water and wastewater hydraulic computer models. The upgraded and enhanced models facilitated WASD to meet the growing needs of the County and perform capacity evaluations for new developments that wish to connect to the system.


*Staff Experience 

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