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Construction Management Services During Construction in Connection with Miscellaneous Projects at Various BWT Locations, New York City, NY



Project Owner




New York, NY


Main Services

  • Resident Engineering Inspection Services

  • Preparation of Daily Inspection Reports

  • Permits Verification

  • QA/QC of Construction Work 

  • Preparation of Log of Field Issues

This is a miscellaneous Construction Management contract of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP), where 300 Engineering is acting as sub-consultant to D&B Engineers and Architect. The project involves the provision of construction management services for projects at the Region Group North facilities which include the Bowery Bay WWTP, Hunts Point WWTP, Tallman Island WWTP and Wards Island WWTP, including all pump stations and combined sewage overflow (CSO) facilities at any of these WWTP drainage areas.


300 Engineering is currently providing Resident Engineering Inspection Services for the construction work that is being conducted at the Wards Island WWTP, responsibilities include:

  • Attend, facilitate and orchestrate pre-construction meeting between operations, designers, Construction Contractors and DEP.

  • Attend, facilitate and orchestrate monthly progress meeting between operations, designers, contractors and the Department.

  • Coordinate with operations, the construction activities to ensure impacts to operations are minimal.

  • Ensure the Contractor restores all work areas and sites at the end of the day and prior to contractor demobilization in a manner they adequately protect the safety of DEP employees, DEP operations, and the environment.

  • Ensure safe work practices are in full compliance with the City, State and Federal rules and regulations.

  • Ensure construction is in compliance with all applicable codes, standards, environmental health and safety policies, laws, rules, and regulations and contract specifications.

  • Permit verification.

  • Assist in the preparation of change orders and cost estimating.

  • Provide DEP with information regarding the Construction Contractor’s performance.

Some of the construction work being inspected by 300 Engineering include:

  • Removal and installation of treatment and power equipment.

  • Improvements and maintenance to site buildings.

  • Improvement and maintenance of site infrastructure such as roads and sidewalks as well as the Improvement and maintenance of plant infrastructure, including pipes and tanks.

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