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ArcGIS 10.5 Is a Major Advancement in the Server Platform

This is an exciting time to be a GIS professional. Every day, thousands of GIS organizations around the world are compiling and building geographic data layers about topics that are critical to their work. In many cases, these layers are being openly shared, providing others with the opportunity to leverage their efforts. The scope this information covers is almost everything—rooms in a building, parcels of land, neighborhoods, local communities, regions, states, nations, and the planet as a whole. With web services and cloud computing, GIS promises to become embedded in almost everything we do. Organizations from myriad industries are picking up this new GIS pattern and deploying it in entirely new ways. GIS continues to be a platform technology for maintaining systems of record and making basic maps. The emerging Web GIS pattern has expanded it to also be a system of engagement that can reach everyone with mapping and the power of spatial analysis. The Web GIS pattern is fundamentally enabling this transformation. Web GIS is also making it easier to connect to and integrate many types of distributed data. Esri users have already been incrementally deploying enhanced technologies available in the Web GIS pattern using ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS. However, with the 10.5 release of ArcGIS, users will be able to deploy a complete Web GIS (similar to ArcGIS Online) in their own infrastructure. Significant distributed computing enhancements have been made to the ArcGIS for Server technology, and its name has been changed to ArcGIS Enterprise. ArcGIS Enterprise includes everything an organization needs to launch a dedicated Web GIS in its own infrastructure. The software efficiently delivers secure, scalable, data-driven mapping and GIS throughout an organization.

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