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Trenchless Technology Pre-Qualification Contract Pool and Performance Specification in Miami-Dade Co

On April 1, 2016 Miami-Dade County authorized an $85 million pre-qualification contract for Trenchless Pipe Installation and Pipe Rehabilitation with an initial pool of 17 contractors and a duration of 8 years.

The purpose of the Qualified Pool of Vendors is to expedite selection of bidders to purchase services for two (2) different groups with subgroups categorized by pipe diameter for pipes up to 30-inch inside pipe size, pipes up to 48-inch and pipes greater than 48-inch and classifications with project experience in potable water systems, storm drainage systems or sanitary sewer systems.

• Group 1 – new pipe installation using trenchless technology, including such construction methods such as micro-tunneling, horizontal directional drilling also known as directional boring, pipe ramming, pipe jacking, moling, horizontal auger boring and other methods for the installation of pipeline and cables below the ground with minimal excavation.

• Group 2 – pipe rehabilitation and repair using trenchless technology including such construction methods as sliplining, thermoformed pipe, pipe bursting, shotcrete, gunite, cure-in-place, grout-in-place, mechanical spot repair. Mechanical spot repair is applied where damaged pipelines require the re-instatement of their structural integrity.

Both Groups are open to new and emerging trenchless technologies and the Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department has established a New Technology Committee to evaluate such systems.

First project to go out for bid under this agreement was for four (4) miles of 54-inch PCCP rehabilitation and was anticipated to be worth approximately $20 million. The bidding methodology utilized was a Performance Specification allowing the contractors utilize whatever means meet the hydraulic and structural requirements of the project. Although it was anticipated that this project would require a CIPP rehabilitation methodology, the apparent low bidder proposed slip lining as the rehabilitation method. After careful review, it was determined that this method would in fact meet all of the performance requirements. The low bid was approximately seven million dollars below the initial estimate.

Through the use of the Performance Specification in combination with the Pre-approved pool of contractors, Miami-Dade County eliminated most of the design cost and time while obtaining the most cost effective solution by relying on the expertise of the industry.

Arthur Tillberg assisted the County extensively in the development of this pre-qualification contract.

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