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i300 Web Apps: The Era of GIS

i300 Webs Apps unlocks the power of GIS, delivering spatial intelligence to a myriad of organizations that desktop GIS cannot reach. Services that include the use of maps are currently in high demand within organizations, government agencies, and businesses around the world. With GIS web apps one can open the browser on any type of device, from the desktop to a mobile phone. These applications are now being built and being shared quickly and easily using configuration and some programming. The following technologies are used to build the web GIS applications: ArcGIS platform, including ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS for Server, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, Esri CityEngine, and web scene technologies, web app templates, ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Collector for ArcGIS, and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.

GIS is being integrated deeply into infrastructure to create smarter and more resilient cities. Water supply systems, roads, bridges, dams, and pipelines all have locations and can be managed and respond to environmental changes. In the next five to ten years, web GIS will be more integrated into people’s daily lives. GIS will be connected to gadgets, cars, eyeglasses, watches, sprinklers, and drones.

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